Who can be seen at FHC?
We see patients of all ages at Family HealthCare. From infants to the elderly, we can take care of your whole family.

Can I be seen at any office if I am a patient at FHC?
You can be seen at either the Germantown, Rockville, or Olney location. We keep our records in an electronic medical record so your information can be accessed no matter where you are seen.

Do I need an appointment to be seen?
Yes. All patients, including new patients, need to call and schedule an appointment. This includes appointments for our office hours on Saturday. All patients need an appointment to be seen.

Can you fax my prescription to the pharmacy?
Yes. For most visits, as well as refills, we can electronically send or fax your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. We can also fax mail order prescriptions as long as a mail order account has been set up.

What is the difference between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine?
Like Internal Medicine, Family Medicine is a board certified specialty with a 3 year post-graduate residency program. Family physicians are trained to care for the entire family, and are able to take care of infants, children, and adults.

Do I need to fast before my physical?
Yes. Most physicals require certain blood work that will not be accurate if you have eaten. You should not eat or drink after about 9 pm the night before your physical. Physicals are typically scheduled for the morning time. If your physical is scheduled for the afternoon and you prefer not to fast, your doctor can order the blood work to be drawn on another day.

Do I need to be seen to receive antibiotics?
Yes. Your doctor or nurse is unable to determine over the phone if you have a bacterial or viral infection. (Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics; viral infections are not.) An office visit is necessary in order to determine if you truly do need a prescription for antibiotics.

Do I need to be seen for refills for my prescriptions?
Yes. On average, someone with high blood pressure or diabetes should be seen in the office every three to six months for an examination and lab work. This enables your doctor to adjust your medications as needed. Medications for other conditions, such as attention deficit disorder and depression, should also be monitored in the office at least every three to six months. Your doctor will discuss with you how often you should be seen.

What is a Physician Assistant?
A Physician Assistant is a medical provider who is trained to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician.
A Physician Assistant (or PA) has attended an accredited Physician Assistant program and has passed a board exam, and is re-certified every 6 years. The PA is qualified to examine patients, diagnose and treat medical conditions, as well as to prescribe medications.




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